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Our company has been discovering family stories for over a decade as Legacy Tree and a whole lot longer as individual genealogists. We search the world for answers. Find the un-findable. And we're experts at everything from tracking down rare international records to analyzing DNA test results.

Connecting Families, Past and Present

Genealogist Researchers

Hand-picked, tested and trained, our genealogist team knows how to find your story. We are based near the world's largest family history library and also work with researchers around the globe.


Highest Client Ratings - we are the highest client-rated genealogy research firm in the world, with public reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Google, and more.

Rigorous Quality Control - each project undergoes a stringent review process and is meticulously checked for accuracy and quality.

Truly Customized Projects - every project is tailored to your specific research goals, ensuring research is focused and expectations are always met.

Credentials - our researchers possess four-year degrees in genealogy, accreditations, or decades of experience, and are passionate about genealogy.

Project Turnaround Time - we complete most projects in 12-16 weeks without sacrificing our commitment to exceptional research.

Stability - we’ve been in business since 2004 and have helped thousands of clients discover their roots.

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We Are The World's Highest Rated Genealogy Research Company.

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