With nearly 40 years experience as a genealogist and bachelor’s degrees in history and geography, Mark knows genealogy inside and out. His experience ranges from the U.S. to Italy to Australia and back again.

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Poland & Other Eastern Europe
  • Denmark
  • Italian Genealogy

With over 25 years of genealogy experience, Michelle Chubenko enjoys solving challenging research projects. She loves helping others break through brick walls and discover their heritage.

  • Ukrainian, Lemko, and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy
  • Central European
  • Eastern European
  • Mid-Atlantic & Southern United States

Kate Eakman grew up hearing Civil War stories at her father’s knee and fell in love with history and genealogy at an early age. With a master’s degree in history and over 20 years experience as a genealogist, Kate has worked her magic on hundreds of family trees and narratives.

  • Native American Genealogy
  • U.S. Civil War & Victorian America
  • Narrative Biographies
  • Irish Genealogy

For two decades, Yvonne has been bringing family stories to life with unique documents and resources. She enjoys finding the facts in family lore, breaking through brick walls, and helping others join societies such as the Daughters of the American Revolution.

  • Lineage Society Research
  • African American Genealogy
  • Genetic Genealogy, DNA Research
  • United States
Lorraine Bourne

As an avid genealogist for more than 30 years, accredited genealogist Lorraine Bourne tenaciously works to bring each client’s family story to life. Hunting and identifying records to build the client’s heritage is one of her passions. Solving challenging cases has become Lorraine’s hallmark while working with clients and television documentaries, including TLC’s “Who Do You Think You Are.”

  • Genetic Genealogy, DNA Research
  • Lineage Society Applications
  • Southern & Mid-Atlantic United States
  • African American Genealogy

Paul Woodbury is a genealogy dynamo. With a university degree focused on genetics and a minor in family history, Paul is at the forefront of the genealogy field. As an aside, he can also name any country and its capital on a map.

  • Genetic Genealogy, DNA Research
  • Sweden & Norway
  • French Family Histories
  • Spain, Mexico, & South America
Linda Hunter

An avid genealogist for over 20 years, Linda Hunter combines her love of history and genealogy to bring ancestors’ lives into focus. She loves tracking down family migration and using all available resources to knock down tough brick walls.

  • Mid-Atlantic United States
  • Southern United States
  • Lithuania & Other Eastern Europe
  • English Canadian Research

Elly Catmull is an organizational queen and client champion. With a bachelor’s degree in family history and over 15 years experience, Elly has managed research projects covering many areas of the globe and delights in providing a meaningful product.

  • Family Narratives
  • Middle East Research Support
  • British Isles Research Support
  • United States

With over 25 years of genealogy experience, Connell has zeroed in on areas that meet tough client needs. His love of history and mystery helps push back roadblocks and extend family trees.

  • African American Genealogy
  • Estate / Probate Research
  • Portugal and Azore Islands
  • United States

Jessica Taylor began her professional career as a genealogist after receiving a bachelor’s degree in family history – genealogy in 2003. Fluent in Spanish and having spent years residing in Brazil and China, Jessica brings a worldwide view to the genealogy industry and loves networking with others across the globe.

  • Spanish & Portuguese Genealogy
  • Asian Genealogy Support
  • British Isles
  • United States

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