Trina has over 25 years of experience in genealogical research. She has helped clients decipher Polish and Russian handwritten vital records, found passenger lists for elusive ancestors and helped discover locations of origin for immigrant ancestors. Trina enjoys thinking outside the box and digging into projects to find that tiny overlooked clue to resolve family history mysteries.

  • Poland Genealogy Research (especially Roman Catholic)
  • Germany Genealogy Research (especially North Rhine-Westphalia and the Donauschwaben of Austria-Hungary)
  • Midwest United States Genealogy Research (especially Ohio)

Ryan Rockwood’s interest in the genealogy industry began while living in Japan. He was impressed by how the deep reverence for and understanding of one’s ancestors can literally change people’s lives. In pursuit of a career stemming from this interest, Ryan received a bachelor’s degree in Japanese from Brigham Young University with minors in Family History and International Business. His specialties include:

  • Japanese Genealogy Research
  • Japanese Migration
  • Post-1850 Western United States

Melissa developed a passion for genealogy research at a young age, often spending her spare time combing through state archives searching for elusive records of her ancestors. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Family History-Genealogy and is an Accredited Genealogist® professional in the U.S Mid-South region through ICAPGen. Her research areas of focus are:

  • Southern United States Genealogy Research
  • Native American Genealogy Research
  • African American Genealogy Research

Sheri has been a professional genealogist for over 12 years. She believes that every person has a story and loves to discover the details of their ancestors’ lives. She earned a degree in Family History from Brigham Young University. Her research specialties include:

  • Central and South American Genealogy Research
  • Caribbean Genealogy Research
  • Mid-West and Southern United States Genealogy Research

Heather Dubnick is an editor and researcher with a focus on Jewish genealogy, both Ashkenazi and Sephardic, as well as New England, New York, and Colorado research. She completed both the BU Certificate Program and ProGen. She has a doctorate in Spanish and a master’s in Library and Information Science.

  • Jewish Genealogy
  • New England Genealogy
  • New York Genealogy
  • Colorado Genealogy

Meghan is a versatile editor with a 25-year career in writing and editing communications.  She has worked for various non-profit organizations as an editor for both print and electronic publications, and earned her certificate in Genealogy Research from Boston University in 2014.  A life-long genealogist, Meghan has researched both family histories and house histories.

  • Irish Genealogy Research
  • New England Genealogy Research
  • House Histories

Geneil Breeze has a degree in English from Brigham Young University and has worked in the publishing industry for more than 25 years. Most recently she worked for the Indiana Historical Society editing the society’s family history journal and historical children’s books. She has also written many family history articles and has been a ghostwriter for a memoir/autobiography service.

  • Southern U.S. Genealogy Research
  • North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Missouri
professional genealogist Sarah Stoddard

Sarah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Family History and 15 years of genealogy experience. She specializes in German, General US, and DNA research. She particularly enjoys the challenge of using DNA evidence along with traditional research methods to solve historical mysteries.

  • German Genealogy Research
  • General U.S. Genealogy Research
  • Historical DNA Research

With a strong background in research and writing and a lifelong love of family history, Linda enjoys solving family mysteries and finding the details that bring forgotten ancestors to life.  She brings her skills to a diverse array of projects from the U.S. and Canada to Ireland, Germany, Eastern Europe, and Russia. Her areas of specialization include

  • Eastern European, Russian, and Jewish Genealogy
  • New England Genealogy
  • Genetic Genealogy “Brick Walls”
  • Family Narratives

Michelle loves using a combination of genetic genealogy and traditional research to help clients break through genealogy brick walls. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in teaching, she holds a certificate in genealogical research. Michelle’s own diverse background has resulted in a breadth of genealogical knowledge. Her areas of specialization include:

  • Genetic Genealogy (DNA)
  • French Canadian/Acadian Genealogy Research
  • Cherokee Genealogy Research

Shelbie has a bachelor’s degree in Family History and Genealogy from Brigham Young University. She completed a family history internship in Vienna, Austria, and seeks to honor her German immigrant ancestors by helping others research their German and Austro-Hungarian roots. Her research areas of focus are:

  • Austro-Hungarian Empire Genealogy
  • German Genealogy/German Immigration
  • United States Midwest Genealogy

Adrienne is an energetic researcher who loves challenging genealogical research projects. In addition to her 19 years of genealogy experience, she’s obtained a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. Her areas of specialty include:

  • Genetic Genealogy, DNA, Unknown Parentage
  • African American Genealogy Research
  • Southern United States Genealogy Research
  • Lineage Society Applications

Jill received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Syracuse University and a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. She has more than a decade of genealogy experience and has helped clients with historical family research and DNA analysis. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).



Genealogy is a second career for Kim whose passion for family history began in her teens.  An Accredited Genealogist in English research, she earned an MBA and doctorate in educational policy at Stanford University and worked in private philanthropy in Silicon Valley for nearly two decades before returning to her first love, genealogical research. Kimberly’s areas of specialization include:

  • British Isles
  • Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Colonial and early United States

Tani has worked with hundreds of people instructing and teaching family history skills, providing encouragement, creating interest and enthusiasm as they pursued their own family story. She loves interacting with people and watching them come to life when they discover clues to stories in their own family history!

    Sarah is a passionate genealogist with a Masters Degree in History and over 25 years of genealogy experience. Sarah specialized in Mid-Atlantic research, but it is well versed in all areas of the United States. Proudly a dual-Italian American citizen and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Sarah loves helping clients trace their own lineage back to colonial times as well as examining their Italian immigrant ancestors. A veteran classroom teacher, she enjoys teaching virtual classes across American on various genealogical topics.

    Mary Henderson has 45 years of experience with traditional, document-based genealogy, and 9 years of experience with genetic genealogy. Mary uses genetic genealogy in conjunction with traditional genealogy research to help adoptees identify their biological parents, and to help people identify and solve misattributed parentage, and other brick walls, in their family trees. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, and is a member of, and serves as Treasurer of, the Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County.

    Becca Spencer is an enthusiastic genealogist with a Bachelor’s degree in Family History from BYU and five years of genealogical experience. She loves helping clients with their Austrian, German, and Latin American genealogy puzzles. She’s grateful to be a part of the LTG research team!

    Kathryne’s passion for genealogical research began as a college sophomore when she started her search for answers about her Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. As she pursued a degree in English Education, her love of writing, research and solving difficult puzzles led her to freelance genealogy work. While her focus is primarily centered on Eastern and Central Europe, particularly Russian Empire and Ashkenazi Jewish research, she loves broadening her horizons and exploring new areas of research.
    Areas of research:

    Regional: Eastern Europe (Russian Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire)
    Ashkenazi Jewish

    Kit is a fourth-generation Californian who has been working on her family’s genealogy for over thirty years, and in the field professionally for several years. Her California immigrants were German brothers who joined the Gold Rush, but the rest of her family is Irish, or else English and Scottish colonial revolutionaries in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania (yes, she really is related to Patrick Henry). She has a BA in Journalism and Political Science, and a Masters in Education. When she’s not digging up buried family history, she collects camels, buys and sells antiques, and goes kayaking with her kids.

    Kelli Bergheimer is a writer, teacher, editor, and national genealogical speaker in DNA analysis and genealogical organization. Kelli holds a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s in Business Management. Kelli brings three decades of editing experience to the Legacy Tree Genealogists team.

    Giancarlo grew up hearing stories about the Brazilian Federalist Revolution (1893-1895) from his grandfathers and made his first family tree at the age of 12, to understand and organize who was who in those stories. Since then, Giancarlo has never stopped working in genealogy and has been doing it professionally for ten years.

    • Heir & Probate
    • Brazilian Genealogy
    • Jewish Immigration to Brazil
    professional genealogist Paul Woodbury

    Paul is a genealogy dynamo. With a university degree focused on genetics and a minor in family history, Paul is at the forefront of the genealogy field. As an aside, he can also name any country and its capital on a map.

    • Genetic Genealogy and DNA Research
    • Sweden Genealogy, Norwegian Ancestry Research
    • French Family History
    • Spain, Mexico and South American Genealogy Research
    certified genealogist Marissa Gardner

    An accredited genealogist with a degree in family history, Marissa’s portfolio includes research on high-profile celebrities for shows such as Who Do You Think You Are? Marissa’s love of history and focus on detail provides clients with answers to even the most difficult research questions.

    • Jewish Genealogy Research in Eastern Europe
    • Russian, Poland, France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Lithuanian Genealogy
    • Accredited as a German Genealogy Researcher through ICAPGen
    professional genealogist Michelle Chubenko

    With over 25 years of genealogy experience, Michelle enjoys solving challenging research projects. She loves helping others break through genealogy “brick walls” and discover their heritage.

    • Ukrainian, Lemko, and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy
    • Central European Genealogy
    • Eastern European Genealogy
    • Mid-Atlantic & Southern United States Genealogy

    With nearly 40 years experience as a genealogist and bachelor’s degrees in history and geography, Mark knows genealogy inside and out. His experience ranges from the U.S. to Italy to Australia and back again.

    • Australia & New Zealand
    • Poland & Other Eastern Europe
    • Denmark
    • Italian Genealogy

    Shauna has over 35 years of genealogy research experience, and also holds a Master of Arts in Australian Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Library Science and a Diploma in Family Historical Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists. She is a Fellow of the Queensland Family History Society; a recipient of the Australian Society of Archivists Distinguished Achievement Award and the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations’ Services to Family History Award.

    • Australian Genealogy Research

    Michele is a professional genealogist and researcher interested in local Italian traditions and culture. His passion for genealogy began in 1984, right as he stepped into the Municipal Archives in his hometown Padula, a small town in the province of Salerno, Campania region, in Southern Italy.

    • Thirty years of experience researching Italian archives: e.g civil, parish, diocesan, notarial
    • Familiar with the reading of Vernacular books
    • Ten years of experience researching Italian emigrants abroad (USA, Brazil, Argentina)

    Dianne has over 40 years of genealogy research experience and is best known for completing research for celebrity genealogies for popular television series such as, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s PBS series, “Faces of America,” and the National Geographic hit series, “Lockup Abroad”. 

    • Jamaican Genealogy
    • Jewish Genealogical Specialist
    • Historical Research
    • Photographic and Digital Documentation

    Vladimir began helping others build their family history after he found his ancestors in the 5th generation and built a family tree of more than 200 people. The hobby turned into a journey through the history of Ukraine and surrounding countries. Vladimir began work with Legacy Tree Genealogists in 2017, and since this time, has helped in many client research projects.

    • Ukrainian Genealogy
    • Russian Genealogy
    • Family Crest Research

    Teddy was born in Silesia. He specialized in “Supralibros” in Private Collections of the 16th to 18th centuries. In 1999, he received his Master of Library and Information Science. In 2003, Teddy became an Accredited Genealogist specializing in Polish research, including all partitions of the former Commonwealth of Poland, awarded by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen).

    • Polish Genealogy Research
    • Fluent in Polish, German and English
    • Reads Latin, Russian Cyrillic and so-called Kurrent and Sütterlin (old German scripts)
    professional genealogist Gretchen Jorgensen

    Gretchen specializes in genetic genealogy and DNA analysis, and particularly enjoys complicated projects combining autosomal and Y-DNA results with traditional research. She holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Colorado State University, and spent her first career as a Software Engineer. Her education and prior career experience developed skill in problem solving which  are invaluable in genealogical research.

    • Genetic Genealogy and DNA Analysis
    • Danish Ancestry Research
    professional genealogist Jessica Howe

    Jessica has completed the Boston University Genealogical Study program and is a member of various societies throughout the Southeast. Jessica has been featured in articles for the BBC, most recently for her genetic genealogy research efforts helped reunite Amerasian clients with their previously unidentified G.I. fathers.

    • Deep South Genealogy Research
    • Historical DNA
    • Unknown Parentages Cases
    • Asian Genealogy support
    professional genealogist Robert Call

    Robert is an Accredited Genealogist® with a bachelor’s degree in family history and a master’s degree in history. Genealogical methods influenced his master’s thesis which explored the formation process of religious sects in the American Midwest. Robert finds fulfillment in assisting clients in their personal family history discoveries.

    • Midwestern United States
    • Colonial United States
    • Latter Day Saint Genealogy Research
    professional genealogist Brandt Gibson

    Brandt is a researcher on the DNA team. He works with both DNA and traditional family history research projects in the US and Canada, and some international projects as well. His areas of expertise are:

    • Unknown Parentage/Adoption DNA research
    • Historic DNA Research (pre-1850)
    • US Research (1850-present)
    • Canada Ancestry Research (1850-present)
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