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"I wanted to write and say this is all very exciting for me. I've waited so many years and now to have all this information is fascinating. I am sincerely grateful to you all. You have no idea what you have opened up to me. I am thrilled! I'm truly blessed and thank you with all my heart. This could not have been easy, since I sent you very little information. You've given me more information than I ever expected."
-A. Caldwell, S.C.

Research by Professional Genealogists

We've traced thousands of family trees all over the world and are passionate about genealogy. Legacy Tree's core team of professional genealogists are field experts at breaking through brick walls, analyzing DNA test results, collecting documentation for lineage society applications, and more! Our extensive network of archives and worldwide genealogists means we can help you no matter where your ancestors' records are! We look forward to helping you discover your heritage.

Legacy Tree Genealogy Free Consultation
Why Hire Us?
Founded in 2004, Legacy Tree Genealogy, Inc. (R) is a full service genealogy research company located near the world famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world’s largest collection of genealogy records. Our core team of professional genealogists specializes in researching genealogy throughout the world and our network of genealogists worldwide help us get any record necessary to trace family trees.

We follow stringent quality practices, ensuring that the genealogy research done on each family tree is done well and presented clearly. Our clients love working with us because they can tell that we love what we do and that we do it very well! Click here to learn more.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Tracing Family Trees
  • Solving Genealogical "Brick Walls"
  • Finding Countries of Origin
  • Immigration
  • International Genealogy (tracing ancestors worldwide)
  • Native American Research
  • Lineage Society Applications
  • Genetic Genealogy (including consultation and analysis for DNA tests)
  • Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Document Retrieval
  • African American Research
  • Finding Missing Relatives
  • Documentation for Dual-Citizenship
  • Finding Biological Parents and Children
  • Organizing Genealogy Information into an Easy-to-use Electronic Family Database
  • Preparing Names for Temple Work (LDS Clients)

Genealogy Research Packages Include:
Custom Research and Analysis - Your research will be completed by professional genealogists with years of genealogy experience along with various degrees, certifications and accreditations. Research is performed using records found at the Family History Library, at repositories throughout the world, and in online sources. The finished report is always peer reviewed by several other genealogists on our team to ensure excellent quality.

Deluxe Binder - Customized and professional research binder that contains your research report written by a professional genealogist. This report discusses all aspects of the research performed and includes professional recommendations by our genealogists for continuing to extend your family tree in the future. Also included is the research calendar which lists all records searched by our genealogists. Hard copies of documents found during the course of the research are included. Genealogy charts, pedigree charts and family group sheets showing the birth, marriage and death information for your ancestors, including source citations are also included. For LDS clients, temple ready cards are available upon request.

Private Webpage – We provide you with a private (non-searchable) webpage that makes it easy for you to share our discoveries with your family. Your website includes everything above.

We'd love to help you discover your family tree! Send us your genealogy questions for a free consultation by one of our genealogists. Or, read more about what we can do for you. Click here to see what clients have to say about our work.

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